Carles & Sofia piano duo

Carles & Sofia piano duo


Carles & Sofia piano duo are a paragon of artistic talent in the world of classical music and one of Europe’s most renowned piano duos. Acclaimed by both the public and critics alike as two musicians with an extraordinary capacity to move an audience to tears, the duo also exhibits a spectacular synchronisation and a very rare mutual understanding.  Carles and Sofia have gained critical acclaim for their brilliant technique, passion, unparalleled quality of sound and infinite elegance.
With a profound knowledge of all classical music genres, Carles & Sofia have developed a unique style in the interpretation of the repertoire for four hands. The duo possesses a diverse range of orchestral colours, a very natural phrasing and an impressive singing tone, together with a deep sense of harmonic consciousness.
Since 1987 when they began playing together, Carles and Sofia’s international career has led them to appear in famous venues like Carnegie Hall (New York), Kolarac Memorial Hall (Belgrade) or Teatro Solís (Montevideo).  They regularly perform in world capitals such as Paris, London, Madrid, Brussels, Rome, Barcelona, Milan, Prague, Belgrade, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, St. Petersburg, Moscow or Buenos Aires in recital for four hands or with orchestras including London City Chamber Orchestra, Orquestra Simfònica de Sao Paulo, Orchestre de Chambre du Namurois, Tokio Chamber Orchestra, Malaysia Philarmonic Orchestra and Hermitage State Orchestra.
Their repertoire ranges from Bach to 21st century and includes all major works for piano four hands together with the most brilliant and demanding orchestral transcriptions. They also have developed a very close relationship with many contemporary composers, like John Carmichael or Daniel Basomba, who, after listening to the duo, created works especially for them.
Carles and Sofia have always been committed to helping with social needs. In 2001, her Royal Highness Margarita de Borbón presented to them an honorary distinction from UNICEF, in recognition of their humanitarian efforts.


Colour, Rhythm, Fire

"Lullaby for a Sleeping Doll" by John Carmichael

Passion, Energy, Strenght

"Polonaise in B Flat Major, Op. 75 No.2" Franz Schubert


“Poetry that reaches one´s heart” …”As precise as synchronized swimmers, down to the last detail”

“From the first note, there was an absolute blend and a perfect rapport in each of the concert’s passages… ” “The pieces sounded as if they were played by one set of hands, as if they were from a single mould. Fantastic!”

“Duo with a rare and spectacular synchronisation …” “They make a show of a beautiful quality of sound and of a rich variety of colours … “Their technical qualities shine in the service of a truly great power to communicate and a capacity for expression …”

“Their musicianship is never in doubt, and there is a unity in thought and spirit that drives the music forward…This is a totally musical reading, one that comes with the chemistry of years working together”

“Carles Lama & Sofia Cabruja are not two pianists playing on one piano; they are only one performer, one head, one sound, one synchronization, one phrasing, one poetry… They have a total mutual understanding, on the rhythm, on the spirit…”

“A perfectly mixed and balanced sound … all magnificently adjusted… A very well interpreted beautiful piece …” “A dynamic and poetic trajectory that ended in a vortex…” “Far removed from the typical exaggerated Spanish folklore of deep Spain, with heart and soul.”

“The duo is surprising for their sense of ensemble (two pianists that sound wise seem to be one), their joviality and their deep and up-to-date reading of each work … The duo’s achievements and versatility are dazzling”

“Their Schubert is elegant and refined…The waltzes by Brahms present some complexities of expression which Lama and Cabruja resolve with the greatest elegance…Their Brahms possesses a renowned symphonic sound, a majesty evident in the touch…”

“Carles Lama and Sofia Cabruja complement each other admirably and form a duet of pianists that interpret the repertoire of piano for four hands with infinite elegance and sensitivity. They are very sure of their technique, which makes it possible for them to give themselves totally to the interpretation without worrying about the difficulties of the score… The musicians knew how to give this admirable piece of music, “The Fantasy in F Minor” by Schubert, which causes both tears and smiles, a palpable intensity with moving passages… the two dances by Falla swept the spectators up into a flaming whirlwind… “

“What these two Catalans allow one to hear sounds as a whole … “

“A brilliant arrangement of the Two Dances from La vida breve by Manuel de Falla… truly the best of the evening: brilliantly vital, rhythmically elegant, with detailed agogics, colourful, virtuoso and a triumphant atmosphere of sound.”

“Carles Lama and Sofia Cabruja played surprisingly precisely everything that was written… However, precision is just one of the aspects the duo showed. Even more interesting is the combined presentation of the work, one playing above the other and how one would react with the other at certain moments, the combined movement of the two was in short: artistic chemistry.”

“The special chemistry that the four-hand interpretations of the duet of pianists Carles Lama and Sofia Cabruja is undeniable… The Fantasia in F Minor is found matured in their hands and has a sound fully enveloped in Schubert’s elegant and seductive ambiance… The variations on Brahms are brought about with a rich treatment of sound and with an always-solid second piano that supplies a resonance suitable for the character of each variation and that continually helps the cantabiles of the first piano… …The CD contains some priceless Slavic Dances by Dvorák… Lama and Cabruja offer us a surprising Dance op. 72 No. 2, with a well-achieved lyricism”

“The lead of this recording, by the record company KNS classical, is played by the duet made up by Carles Lama & Sofia Cabruja playing piano for four hands… The interpretation by the pianists is kind and delicate and always respects the laws of artistic and musical sensitivity. It offers us truly graceful moments.”

“Immediately demonstrating an irreproachable understanding, they have demonstrated noteworthy gifts of expression…”

“The temperament, the ease and gusto for life were clearly heard”