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The unique CD “Color of Sound” arrives to KNS Classical

The extraordinary Armenian pianist Armen-Levon Manaseryan has arrived to KNS Classical with a unique CD: “Color of Sound”, with the pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky and the Piano Dances by Komitas, Armenian composer.

The pianist had the idea of this project for a long time. Having inherited artistic talents from his grandmother, who is the famous Armenian Artist Aida Boyadjian, the pianist developed a professional hobby – painting.

As many people know, when Mussorgsky went to the architect and artist Victor Harman’s exhibit, he was inspired to paint the famous Pictures At an Exhibition piano cycle in 1874.

“Color of sound” is the complete opposite: Armen-Levon Manaseryan, being inspired by Mussorgsky’s music, have created the paintings parallel to the music, which don not have a direct relationship to the Hartman’s paintings.

Armen-Levon Manaseryan was the winner at the Valletta International Piano Competition in 2017 and has been praised as an extraordinary pianist, a true-born musician.

The CD is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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